Newly Characterized Genes


With the overwhelming number of genes that are being discovered by phenotypic and sequence analyses, the MaizeGDB staff is missing some that should be included in MaizeGDB. We need your help! Please let us know about new genes that you're working on or have recently read about.

MaizeGDB prefers not to assign formal gene names to gene models based purely on orthology. Known difficulties include inclusivity (there are over 10,000 functionally characterized Arabidopsis genes)* and some likelihood of errors in inferred functions. Unlike gene models, gene names are generally conserved unless differently named genes are found to be allelic. Of particular note, naming priveleges are customarily held by researchers who first confirm function.

We encourage researchers to use the annotation tool on the MaizeGDB gene model pages to add their insights about putative function, especially when not currently part of the Phytozome or Gramene pipelines.

Below is a list of newly reported or newly characterized genes (new reference, new gene product, and/or new variation) with which you may not yet be familiar. The genes are sorted by the last time the gene has been updated. To suggest genes for inclusion in this list, email us and include the gene name, full name, chromosome or bin, and a recent reference.

If you cannot find the gene you would like to recommend in the database, send us an email so that we can add it to the database!

This page is based on our monthly release. The updates are made around 4:00am CST.

         Recommended Genes

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New or updated genes since one month ago. The cutoff date is September 16th, 2018.

Last UpdateGeneFull Name : DescriptionChromosome
or Bin
Recent ReferenceOrthologsUpdate information

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