The McClintock Prize for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies

The Barbara McClintock Prize for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies has been created to memorialize the unequalled contributions of Dr. McClintock through providing recognition to the most outstanding plant geneticists of the present era.

In memory of the many contributions of Dr. McClintock, this Prize will be awarded each year to one or more of the most creative minds and productive scientists in the study of plant genome structure, function and evolution, including the analysis of gene regulation and epigenetics. To be eligible, a scientist must be currently active. This award is for career scientific accomplishments, not for community service or as a way to assist the development of a junior scientist.

Medal design

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2020 Winner

Dr. Jim Birchler
(University of Missouri)

This award is in recognition of his contributions to the understanding of plant gene regulation, chromosome structure/function, and genome evolution/stability.

Nomination Information

Nominations should include
1. the nominee's name and current position
2. a chronological listing of positions held
3. a list of elected memberships, fellowships and offices
4. a list of awards received
5. a 50 word maximum synopsis of the applicant's chief accomplishments
6. a 250 word maximum description of the candidate's major research contributions
7. a listing of no more than 15 key publications.
The format should precisely follow the format of the successful nomination of Dr. Baulcombe, the 2014 award winner. Awards will be made only to a single scientist each year, except in exceptional cases where two nominees contributed approximately equally in the same subject area.

Applications should be sent to Carson Andorf at [email protected] and John Portwood at [email protected].

The deadline for all applications is 27 January 2020. Nominations will be evaluated by the maize awards committee. Each recipient will be invited to receive the award and make a research presentation at the annual Maize Genetics Conference.