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A pharmacological approach to isolate brassinosteroid biosynthesis and signaling mutants in maize.

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Reference Summary: Best, NB et al. 2010. Maize Genetics Conference Abstracts pp.P1

Abstract: Ever growing demands for biofuel production have led to greater needs for increase in crop yield and specifically biomass. Plant height is among the most imperative components of plant architecture to enhance biomass (1). Since their discovery as growth promoting hormones in 1979, brassinosteroids (BRs) have emerged as essential chemical signals in plant development. Especially their important function in cell elongation gives them huge potential for approaches aimed to manipulate plant height. Unfortunately very little is known about BRs in maize. In fact, no BR knock-out mutant has been isolated and characterized in maize.Brassinazole-resistant1 (bzr1), a transcription factor and key component of BR signaling, was isolated in an Arabidopsis screens as being resistant to brassinazole, a BR biosynthetic inhibitor (2). We present a similar pharmacological approach to identify mutants in the biosynthesis and signal transduction of BRs in maize. We utilized resources of the Maize Tilling Project at Purdue (3) to screen for mutants that are either hypo- or hyper- sensitive to applications of the BR biosynthetic inhibitor propiconazole (PCZ). We evaluated mesocotyl elongation of 72,000 EMS- mutagenized M2 seedlings grown for 9d in absolute darkness in the presence of PCZ. Three candidate lines, propiconazole-resistant1-3 (pzr1-3) were isolated, with mesocotyls of more than twice the length of inhibited controls. In addition, one hypersensitive line, red root hypersensitive1 (rrh1) had mesocotyls only 30% the length of inhibited controls in the presence of PCZ. 1. M. G. Salas Fernandez, P. W. Becraft, Y. Yin and T. LÜbbersted (2009): From dwarves to giants? Plant height manipulation for biomass yield. Trends in Plant Science, Vol. 14, 454-461 2. Z.-Y. Wang, T. Nakano, J. Gendron, J. He, M. Chen, D. Vafeados, Y. Yang, S. Fujioka, S. Yoshida, T. Asami and J. Chory (2002): Nuclear-Localized BZR1 Mediates Brassinosteroid-Induced Growth and Feedback Suppression of Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis. Devel. Cell, 2: 505-513 3. Weil, C. F., R. Monde, B. Till, L. Comai and S. Henikoff (2005): Mutagenesis and functional genomics in maize. Maydica, 50:415-424

Reference Type: Abstract

      Best, NB (Norman Best)
      Hartwig, T (Thomas Hartwig)
      Budka, J (Joshua Budka)
      Brown, E (Elliot Brown)
      Aldridge, A (Alicia Aldridge)
      Strong, W (Whitney Strong)
      Allison, B (Britteny Allison)
      Li, Y (Yoanan Li)
      Clift, T (Theresa Clift)
      Johal, GS (Guri Johal)
      Weil, C (Cliff Weil)
      Schulz, B (Burkhard Schulz)

In: Maize Genetics Conference Abstracts

Volume: 52

Pages: P1

Year: 2010

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